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Wired – ACLU Sues Police for Seizing Man’s Phone After Recording Alleged Misconduct

Don’t you hate when this happens? Rogue cop beats up a citizen. You witness and take out your camera. Cop sees you take out your camera. He then takes you and your camera out. We need a phone/camera that uploads images and videos up to a cloud based server instantaneously. Problem solved.

From Wired/Threat Level:

The ACLU has sued the District of Columbia and two police officers for allegedly seizing the cellphone of a man who photographed a police officer allegedly mistreating a citizen, and for then stealing his memory card.

The suit, filed in federal court (.pdf) in Washington, D.C., alleges that the police officer violated Earl Staley, Jr.’s First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights by improperly searching and seizing his property while he was exercising his right to photograph the police performing their duty

Update: Perhaps we’re almost there!