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Dollar under pressure, wheat prices go up, and Bear Stearns may be bought out

The dollar touched a record low of $1.5651 against the euro and crude oil reached a record $111 a barrel. Grocery costs are expected to go up further with the rise in the cost of wheat.

The price of wheat has more than tripled during the past 10 months, making Americans’ daily bread — and bagels and pizza and pasta — feel a little like luxury items

“It’s going to affect everything … impact on every section of the grocery store,” said Michael Bittel, senior vice president of King Arthur Flour Co. in Norwich, Vt.

And JPMorgan Chase, along with the Feds, are trying to bail out Bear Stearns, an 85 year old investment bank, whose stock lost more than 20% of it’s value in recent days.

CCNWON has a good writeup of stagflation. In it he shows how commodity prices have gone up in recent years yet the wages for the average American has gone down about 2%.

What’s happening with our economy

Bush knows best

Stagflation = Start Saving Your Money

Stagflation = Stagnation + Inflation. Which is where we are heading right now. It means, high prices for food and commodities, while at the same time, there’s no economic growth, no job growth. It also means, start saving. Hold off on big ticket items if they’re not necessary. Cut short the vacation, maybe start thinking about a backup if you lose your job. Reign in spending. Do you really need all those premium channels with your cable TV? Do you really need cable? Maybe you don’t need a land-line if you have a cell phone. Maybe it’s time to get a COSTCO or BJ’s membership and buy in bulk. Eat breakfast at home and bring your lunch to work. Don’t eat dinner our all the time.

Save money. The worst part of stagflation is that it makes it harder and harder to save any money. The more cash you have to call upon in an emergency, the less desperate or destitute you’ll be.