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What’s happening with our economy

Food for thought. A provactive write-up of what’s going on with our economy and where we are headed. Basically, make way for the Amero.

In summary: 

Over time, a much lower US standard of living and a significantly devalued US dollar will make it much cheaper to manufacture in the US again, and 15-25 years from now our massive debt loads will have subsided and all those outsourced jobs will eventually come back home. Then we will be able to do more than sell each other cheaply manufactured goods…

Ultimately, the US dollar will plummet in value and its fate as the defacto World Reserve Currency could soon be brought to question — but that might be part of our monetary policy master’s “master-plan” anyway, as it will allow the Amero to slip right into its place without an American revolt.



Protest over NAFTA Superhighway

Texans were out in force to protest the NAFTA Superhighway, officially known as the Trans Texas Corridor, I-69.

Our Version of the European Union

It’s almost a reality folks. The US, Canada, and Mexico have already had secret talks to combine our economies, creating a single currency (Amero), cheap labor, and increasing militarization. It’s called the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. It already includes the “NAFTA Superhighway“, connecting Mexico with Canada, through the US. Unfortunately, IMHO, it will lead to even more open borders, zero security, cheap labor, and make unions ineffective. Of course, Canadians are even more worried it will mean the end to their sovereignty. Ultimately, we’ll have a  government made by and run by huge, multinational corporations.