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EPA Might Not Act To Limit Rocket Fuel In Drinking Water

You read it right. There is rocket fuel in drinking water, “found in at least 395 sites in 35 states”. It’s called perchlorate. And the EPA – the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Agency- rather than pushing for safe standards, pushing for cleanup, for both health and environmental reasons, has been twiddling their thumbs for years, has been pushed around by DoD and their contractors. Instead, they’re thinking about issuing a public health advisory.

[Perchlorate] interferes with thyroid function and poses developmental health risks, particularly to fetuses.

If you care about rocket fuel in your drinking water, call your elected official and tell them you want it cleaned up. And while your at it, contact the EPA and let them know you don’t want perchlorate in your drinking water.

More information on perchlorate:

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Pesticides found in everyday food products

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has an article on how harmful pesticides are found in everyday foods we eat. It says organic fruits and vegetables have little or no pesticides.

This, on top of the perchlorate [rocket-fuel] contamination in tap water, makes me wonder what exactly is safe to feed our children.

Another good reason to switch to organic food. Problem is cost. It’s always more expensive. For me, I don’t care too much, but when it comes to my kid, we go organics as much as we can.