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NYC Property Taxes

Ok so here’s my latest government run amok gripe. I received my property assessment and guess what? My property taxes are going up! Here’s what I don’t get…NYC has a budget. The tax burden amongst us property owners should be shared. If more property is being built, and there are certainly plenty of condos going up where I am in North Brooklyn,  you would think that would bring in more property tax revenue so the overall tax burden is spread across more property owners, thus it should get less for each individual owner. But no, it goes up! Yet for huge corporations like Google, their property taxes go down, despite what the City’s own assessors say!

Fair?  Hell no! What I would like to see is how the increase is being used to better my local community. Are there more trash collectors to pick up the extra garbage that’s going to be produced in my area due to the influx of condos? Is the local waste treatment plant ready for the influx of more crap? Will my kid’s public school get more teachers? More police? Firefighters?  What I would like to see is a before and after breakdown. A list showing what services we had before the tax hike and what we’re going to have after. Do we have that type of transparency?

As taxes increase, and my already huge monthly mortgage goes up, who do you think will actually be paying for the increase? The renters! So now you’ll have people who actually drive the economy with less money to spend in local businesses.

Thank you, new Mayor Bill DiBlasio.  I guess someone has to pay for the $170,000 salary for the First  Lady’s new Chief of Staff!

Apple Suing The Big Apple

As reported in Wired, Apple is suing NYC over it’s GreeNYC logo, saying that it will cause confusion with their Apple logo amongst customers and cause financial harm to the company. Give me a break Apple. First of all, the logos are in no way alike:

Secondly, in a city where practically everyone carries either an iPod, iPhone, uses a Macbook, or some other Apple product, I seriously doubt there would be any confusion or repercussion

Go pick a fight with someone else!

NYC City Council Hiding Taxpayer Money, Created a Slush Fund

As reported in the NY Daily News, the City Council, for years, stashed away tax payer money to create a “politically motivated” slush fund by allocating the money to groups, that didn’t exist.  The City Council created the phony groups to hide more than $17 million for at least 7 years.

Funds for bogus groups with cutesy names – such as Magic Mountain Fund and Education First – have been stashed in agency budgets since at least 2001. 

The Council’s finances are under investigation by the Dept. of Investigations and Manhattan US Attorney’s office. The Council also hired law firm Sullivan & Cromwell for $95,000 to defend them

This after we learned that some Council members, who were initially opposed to the congestion pricing plan, flip-flopped after getting their own pet projects approved. Of course, Speaker Christine Quinn is claiming she knew nothing of this fraud.

“I was obviously deeply troubled when I found out about this information. I had no knowledge of it,” said Quinn (D-Manhattan). 

Please, now I know where the money for those pet projects came from.