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FISA telco immunity and HGH fights must be a sham

As mentioned in DailyKos:

If telcos are presented with a warrant, they are legally required to participate in the program. They don’t get to refuse to cooperate when presented with a warrant. Another canard from the administration.

Those warrants can be obtained–even without the administration filing paperwork until after the fact–from the FISC with little fuss.

So why all this “fighting” over telecom immunity. Why not just go through the FISA courts as it was meant to be? Maybe it’s to keep our mind off of the failing economy? Maybe to keep us preoccupied, so that we don’t see how it’s going in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The same thing goes for the Steroids, H.G.H (Human Growth Hormone) hearings in Congress,with Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte. Who gives a shit if they’ve taken the stuff? You must be blind to think that Barry Bonds hasn’t. Same goes for guys like Lenny Dykstra and Mark McGuire. You don’t become a muscle-head overnight without taking something. I don’t need Congress to tell me that.

Why are they wasting their time and our money with these hearings? Don’t they know that we’re looking at (if not already in) a recession? Don’t they know there’s a war going on? Don’t they know the Taliban are back? Don’t they know Social Security and Medicare are financially unstable social programs? What about border security? What about our failing energy policies? what about the falling dollar?