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It will take YEARS for the dollar to recover

Nobody wants the dollar. Even some stores in NYC are accepting foreign currency. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, start saving, start looking for ways to reduce your monthly expenditures (maybe less movies, less eating out or ordering in), hold off on buying luxury items, etc. Take public transportation whenever possible, instead of wasting your money on gas. Save – Save – Save!!!

Bush knows best

Let’s see, Bush says the country is not head into a recession.

Yet today, the market fell 315 pts on recession fears, oil pushed past $103 for the first time, the dollar hit another low against the euro, US Midwest manufacturing activity “plummeted” in February, consumer setiment slumped to a 16 year low.

Yep, Bush knows best.

Opposition group claims Iran speeding up nuke plans

Here we go again. An opposition group, like the Iraqi National Congress that provided “shaky” intelligence on Saddam’s WMD program, says Iran is speeding up nuke plans, contradicting the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate report that said Iran halted their program in 2003.

Smells like another war front opening up. I predict it’ll happen before the end of summer, to redirect our attention away from the failing economy. Don’t forget the real reason we’re going to war with Iran.