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Gov’t Forcing Vaccine, For A Sexually Transmitted Disease, Upon Immigrants – But Not Required For Current Citizens

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now requires immigrants, who wish to become citizens, to be vaccinated against HPV. Read more at Think Progress…

Say goodbye to freedom of speech, freedom to criticize your government

Senate OKs Telecom Immunity Amendment in FISA

The Senate basically said it’s not the telecom company’s fault for cooperating with the administration’s illegal wiretapping program,which is being used to spy on the citizens of the USA. Of course, if they don’t cooperate, they may suffer the same fate as Qwest CEO, Joe Nacchio.

Here’s the official tally. A big THANK YOU goes out to all you Democratic Senators who caved into the pressure from the Bush administration and the telecom companies who line your pockets.

Richard Clarke weighs in on Bush FISA fight

Richard Clarke opines in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the fear-mongering tactics the Bush Administration is using to push their version of FISA through. Their version, tramples over our civil liberties by making warrantless wiretaps legal.

Richard Clarke, you may remember, is the guy who, before and soon after 9/11, said we need to go after Bin Laden, yet the neocons, like Rumsfeld pushed to go after Saddam.

Senate Democrates want to help Bush weaken FISA

I think it may be time to become an Independent when our Democratic leadership decides it’s OK to chip away at our civil liberties

I really don’t understand it. We all want to catch the bad guys. And we have no issues using wiretaps and monitoring emails. Just get a freakin warrant so that law enforcement folks and the government don’t abuse the privilege.