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Ethanol subsidies causing NYC bagel prices to go up

Bagels are costing alot more these days. Why? Ethanol subsidies, paid for by our taxes, allow for grain, that normally go towards food and animal feed, to go to ethanol distilleries.

From ENS, “U.S. taxpayers, by subsidizing the conversion of grain into ethanol, are in effect financing a rise in their own food prices. It is time to end the subsidy for converting food into fuel and to do it quickly before the deteriorating world food situation spirals out of control. ”

All this while in Haiti, they’re literally eating dirt, because food prices have gone up.

Corn based ethanol production causing global food insecurity

Here’s a good read on why an increase in ethanol¬†[derived from corn]¬†to “reduce our dependency on foreign oil” is a bad idea for all…

Here’s an innovative way to make ethanol cheaply, without corn.