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Apple Device IDs Leaked

As story in Gizmodo goes РAntiSec hacked into an FBI laptop, found 12 Million or so Apple IDs stored on the computer, and leaked some of it to the public.

Antisec has released 1 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs), claiming that it obtained them after breaching an FBI computer. It also claims to have over 12 million IDs in total, along with user names, device names, cell phone numbers and addresses to go with them. This is very not good.

If it’s true – that the FBI had such info – it doesn’t surprise me. Does it surprise you? It shouldn’t. Not to sound all tin foil hat like, but come on. We’ve all too willingly given up too much of our civil liberties already. And companies all too willingly share our info with the Feds…

Apple is denying that they gave the FBI the IDs. Can’t the FBI get them from the wireless carriers? NSA?

Apple Suing The Big Apple

As reported in Wired, Apple is suing NYC over it’s GreeNYC logo, saying that it will cause confusion with their Apple logo amongst customers and cause financial harm to the company. Give me a break Apple. First of all, the logos are in no way alike:

Secondly, in a city where practically everyone carries either an iPod, iPhone, uses a Macbook, or some other Apple product, I seriously doubt there would be any confusion or repercussion

Go pick a fight with someone else!