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NYC Property Taxes

Ok so here’s my latest government run amok gripe. I received my property assessment and guess what? My property taxes are going up! Here’s what I don’t get…NYC has a budget. The tax burden amongst us property owners should be shared. If more property is being built, and there are certainly plenty of condos going up where I am in North Brooklyn,  you would think that would bring in more property tax revenue so the overall tax burden is spread across more property owners, thus it should get less for each individual owner. But no, it goes up! Yet for huge corporations like Google, their property taxes go down, despite what the City’s own assessors say!

Fair?  Hell no! What I would like to see is how the increase is being used to better my local community. Are there more trash collectors to pick up the extra garbage that’s going to be produced in my area due to the influx of condos? Is the local waste treatment plant ready for the influx of more crap? Will my kid’s public school get more teachers? More police? Firefighters?  What I would like to see is a before and after breakdown. A list showing what services we had before the tax hike and what we’re going to have after. Do we have that type of transparency?

As taxes increase, and my already huge monthly mortgage goes up, who do you think will actually be paying for the increase? The renters! So now you’ll have people who actually drive the economy with less money to spend in local businesses.

Thank you, new Mayor Bill DiBlasio.  I guess someone has to pay for the $170,000 salary for the First  Lady’s new Chief of Staff!


A majority of Americans oppose any military intervention in Syria’s civil war. And rightly so. We know that rebels comprise of elements of Al-qaeda, jihadists, extremists, and Anti-Christian groups. Do we really want to help these people? I don’t. Do we need to help the innocent families, children, who are not taking sides, but are being displaced, driven out by Assad or by rebels? Of course. But limited military strikes won’t do that. What military strikes would do is help feed the families of the military-industrial complex.  Do we know for sure Assad used the chemical weapons? Who’s to say rebels didn’t do it? Just to pull us in? Then you have crap like this – Video of rebels executing soldiers .

No, we don’t need to get involved with missile strikes. We know we’re already involved covertly. We don’t need to be providing al-qaeda with air support. Let’s stay out and provide humanitarian aid to the families/refugees that need it.

Perhaps, Dems that are up for re-election are being promised mucho donations by the military-industrial complex, if we get involved.

WTF of the Day! Rudy Giuliani – “When we got attacked on September 11th, there was no credible threat to us”

WTF?  On the local NY Fox News program this morning, reporter Rosanna Scotto had our former mayor, Rudy Giuliani on.  Rosanna mentions that commissioner Kelly said that there weren’t any credible threats to us today, for the anniversary of 9/11.  Rudy goes further, saying “When we got attacked on September 11th, there was no credible threat to us”.

Here’s a link to the video. Around the 3:45 mark is where it comes.

Uhh, OK.  Perhaps he needs to read the following NYTimes OpEd:

On Aug. 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a classified review of the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, Al Qaeda. That morning’s “presidential daily brief” — the top-secret document prepared by America’s intelligence agencies — featured the now-infamous heading: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” A few weeks later, on 9/11, Al Qaeda accomplished that goal.

Granted, at the time, I thought he was a terrific mayor. He helped clean up NYC. He didn’t seem so far right. But 9/11 changed everyone. #NeverForget

Wired – ACLU Sues Police for Seizing Man’s Phone After Recording Alleged Misconduct

Don’t you hate when this happens? Rogue cop beats up a citizen. You witness and take out your camera. Cop sees you take out your camera. He then takes you and your camera out. We need a phone/camera that uploads images and videos up to a cloud based server instantaneously. Problem solved.

From Wired/Threat Level:

The ACLU has sued the District of Columbia and two police officers for allegedly seizing the cellphone of a man who photographed a police officer allegedly mistreating a citizen, and for then stealing his memory card.

The suit, filed in federal court (.pdf) in Washington, D.C., alleges that the police officer violated Earl Staley, Jr.’s First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights by improperly searching and seizing his property while he was exercising his right to photograph the police performing their duty

Update: Perhaps we’re almost there!

Jason Biggs and His Asinine Tweets

Sooo unfortunate for Nickelodeon that some people are mindless, immature, stupid rejects. So the actor, who is voicing Leonardo on the channel’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, came out with some tweets during the RNC last week. The tweets were directed at the wives of the candidates [Janna Ryan and Ann Romney]. The tweets, which you can read here, were rude, lewd, and uncalled for. Though he has a right to say whatever he wants, since he’s employed by a children’s cable channel, Nickelodeon, he should have kept his trap shut.

Though Nickelodeon apparently apologized, I can’t see how they can keep him on. I’m sure there are more kid friendly voice actors out there who would gladly voice Leonardo. In fact, they should get Cam Clarke, the guy who voiced Leonardo in the 80’s cartoon, back!

Taxpayer Funds Used To Pay For Personal Misconduct

There are two words that can stop this nonsense on the city, state, and federal level: “TERM LIMITS”

In addition to the $103,00 paid out by the Assembly (as in, YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY) in a secret settlement, Lopez also kicked in $32,000 to stop the two female staffers—one of whom was represented by Gloria Allred—and their threats. Still, for Lopez and Silver, they probably saw the secret, possibly illegal settlement as a bargain since the two women had initially demanded $1.2 million.

Read more on Gothamist

FUD of the Day: NPR – Why Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You

Here’s your FUD for the day – courtesy of NPR no less – Why Organic Food May Not Be Healthier For You

Yes, organics is a $29 billion dollar industry, and still growing. Something is pulling us toward those organic veggies that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

But if you’re thinking that organic produce will help you stay healthier, a new finding may come as a surprise. A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds scant evidence of health benefits from organic foods.

Come on NPR – what a misleading title.

As you might expect, there was less pesticide contamination on organic produce. But does that matter? The authors of the new study say probably not. They found that the vast majority of conventionally grown food did not exceed allowable limits of pesticide residue set by federal regulations.

What kind of nonsense is that? It probably takes about 10 years for the pesticides accumulating in our body to show any effects. At which point it might be too late. Organic Food is waaay healthier. No doubt. You, NPR, can have your federally set limit on allowable pesticide residue. I will do without it. I can’t control what’s in the air I breath, but I can control what I put into my body.