War Drums Beating Loudly

So all of a sudden there’s a big push to “attack” ISIS, or ISIL, or Islamic State, whatever the MSM and the government wants to call them (was there a focus group conducted to determine what sounds scarier to us?). Now I understand the need to take down these crazy head chopping animals, but the FUD everyone’s pushing is off the charts…WSJ Polls supposedly show 2/3 of the public agree with attacking ISIS…My issue with polls is that they can be manipulated to bolster a particular viewpoint. For example, you can easily say you’re polling 1000 registered voters but the makeup of the voter pool can be (without telling you, the reader) 60/40 Republicans/Democrats, thereby skewing the poll towards Republicans…and they can take another 1000 registered voters a month later, but change the makeup 80/20. Most Republicans would probably vote for going after ISIS. And so by doing two polls, a month apart, but changing the makeup of the 1000 polled, you can show an increase in the number of voters approving an attack.

My point is, it’s hard to trust what you read. Everyone has a motive. Most of the time, the motive is money. Going to war allows for the Military Industrial Complex to increase military spending, thus more money going to all industries that are supported by wars. The media can benefit from a new story to follow, more people will read the articles, watch the news shows, all spewing the same FUD.

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