A majority of Americans oppose any military intervention in Syria’s civil war. And rightly so. We know that rebels comprise of elements of Al-qaeda, jihadists, extremists, and Anti-Christian groups. Do we really want to help these people? I don’t. Do we need to help the innocent families, children, who are not taking sides, but are being displaced, driven out by Assad or by rebels? Of course. But limited military strikes won’t do that. What military strikes would do is help feed the families of the military-industrial complex.  Do we know for sure Assad used the chemical weapons? Who’s to say rebels didn’t do it? Just to pull us in? Then you have crap like this – Video of rebels executing soldiers .

No, we don’t need to get involved with missile strikes. We know we’re already involved covertly. We don’t need to be providing al-qaeda with air support. Let’s stay out and provide humanitarian aid to the families/refugees that need it.

Perhaps, Dems that are up for re-election are being promised mucho donations by the military-industrial complex, if we get involved.

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