Fake Police Drones Advertisement

Around NYC recently, “advertisements’ went up depicting an NYPD logo and a picture of a drone firing a missile at a family of three. The ad, which you can see here from the animalnewyork website, was obviously a fake.

The animalnewyork website has an interview with the artist. “Essam” who identifies with libertarianism and thinks Obama and Romney are the same.

I love the ad. It pretty much sums up my feelings, how the government along with the police forces are slowly chipping away at our freedoms and liberty.  And news items, such as the following, of questionable killings by police officers, gives me a cold chill down my spine:

There are plenty more, someone should compile  a running list.

There are plenty of good officers who certainly protect the citizens of this great country. But the events like those listed above surely make you think.

Regarding the fake ad though, I hope they don’t find the artist.

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