These Are Sad Times

Violence is no solution to any problem. And stories like this makes me feel depressed and helpless:

Members of the Samouni family said that they were rounded up late Sunday night by Israeli soldiers and ordered to gather for their own safety in a single dwelling in the impoverished Zeitoun district of Gaza city, a Hamas stronghold. The next morning, they said, the building was shelled.

In it’s report on Friday, the United Nations agency confirmed the family’s account, saying that 110 people had been forced into the house on Sunday. “The next day the house was shelled,” Allegra Pacheco, an agency spokeswoman, told BBC television, quoting unidentified witnesses.

Reading about innocent victims being killed, and especially seeing pictures of dead or injured young children makes me sick to my stomache.

This needs to stop, and stop NOW! I’m no fan of either side of this conflict. I think there is enough blame to go around. I understand Israel wants the rocket fire from Hamas to stop. But this is not the way.  The UN is reporting that 33% of the Gaza dead are children. I can’t understand why other countries haven’t stepped in to stop this horrer. Even more mind boggling is that our own government passed resolutions supporting this incursion into Gaza.

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  1. Samantha

    You’re right. There are several peace vigils tomorrow. If there are any near where you live and if you have time you should think about spending some time at one of them.

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