New PETA Ad Compares Brutal Murder To Animal Abuse

Hey, I’m all for the humane treatment of animals but I think PETA got a case of Mad Cow Disease. According to the AP, PETA wanted to run this ad that compared the senseless, brutal, and horrific murder of an innocent passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada to animal slaughter in factory farms. It sounds like to me, PETA has lost it’s sensibility and would rather run a tasteless ad to further it’s agenda than concern itself with being considerate and sensitive to the victim, his family and friends, and to human life in general. Luckily, the editor [ Tara Seel ] at the paper PETA wanted to run the ad in had some ethical and empathetic fortitude not to run it. What, did they run out of nude models to pose for their ads? The only people looking at those ads are guys who will most likely continue to eat their chicken and burgers anyway.

Sorry PETA, you lost a fan with this ad. Idiots.

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