Candidates on Raw, Bush on Deal or No Deal

Ok. This is getting to be ridiculous. We have a war going on. China is killing protestors, clamping down on freedom of speech, while getting ready to host the Olympic games. We have failing economy, gas prices at all time high. We have a food shortage crisis, resulting in riots in parts of the world. Innocent women and children are being killed on both sides of the Middle East conflict. And yet we have a President that has time to appear on Deal Or No Deal. And we have all three presidential candidates appearing on Wrestling’s RAW. WTF?!? This is why I think all three choices suck. I don’t want a president that appears on wrestling shows, pretending to be The Rock or Hulk Hogan. I don’t want a president that appears on late night comedy shows, making themselves look like idiot. I don’t want them appearing on game shows, or pretending to bowl or drinks shots at a bar. I want a president or a presidential candidate that will be presidential. One that evokes respect. One that evokes confidence. One that evokes a sense of leadership. One that is worthy of being called the Commander In Chief. I don’t think our current President is worthy. And I don’t think any of the candidates are worthy.


  1. rabidliberal

    That’s fine. I just think if everything was all fine and dandy with our country and the rest of the world, then appearing on a game show is ok. Otherwise, I just feel it’s unprofessional and unbecoming of the leader of the “free” world.

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